Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur Recently Asked Questions

Jul 22, 2024, 2:03:02 AM
In this thread, we’ll round up any questions we answered elsewhere in the community so that you can find all that information in one easy place. The most recent information will always be at the top. Read More.

Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur Item Filter Information

Jul 22, 2024, 8:38:12 PM
To help you get ready for the launch of Path of Exile: Settlers of Kalguur, we’ve prepared all the Item Filter Information you need in this news post. Read More.

Introducing the Currency Exchange Market

Jul 21, 2024, 7:43:39 PM
Before the market opens up in the Settlers of Kalguur league, we wanted to walk you through the basics. Check out the video in today’s news post! Read More.
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Gold Timekeeper's Map Device Buy
Gold Timekeeper's Map Device discounted to 220 Points
Ends in 23 hours
Solar Paladin Portal Effect Buy
Solar Paladin Portal Effect discounted to 140 Points
Ends in 23 hours
Golden Character Effect Buy
Golden Character Effect discounted to 155 Points
Ends in 23 hours