Game keeps randomly crashing in this league.

As the title says, game keeps crashing about every third new instance visited or so, whether it's a town or other. It just closes itself; no freezing, no error message, similar to pressing exit game in the menu. I have verified the files on Steam and everything was fine on that front at least. This has never happened in prior leagues.
Last bumped on May 20, 2022, 6:07:56 PM
Same issue as you since patch. Instances keep failing to load and eventually I get booted out. Weirdly it's still connected during that time because if I get a whisper I can hear the trade thing chime. Tried stand alone client too with no success. Super frustrating and can't find a solution. Trading is a nightmare as I so often get this when going to someone's HO.
Similar issue, game crashes with no error or anything, sometimes I can play for hours sometimes only few mins, I have tried multiple fixes but nothing works, I was fine last league. I'm on 5800x and RTX 3070.

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