Screen flashes/flickering while playing

It started recently and it happens only in games. Especially in POE.
I had it in dota 2 too, but then i enabled vsync and its ok now.
The screen flashes with black screens really fast. Most of the times happens while in combat or while in crowded area like in acts.

My PC from mid 2017:
board asrock a320M-HDV
amd ryzen 5 1600 -6 core 3.2ghz
2x8gb ram kingston ddr4-2400 1200mhz dual channel
240gb ssd kingston suv400s37240g
480gb ssd kingston sa [march 2022]
asus expedition 1050ti oc 4gb ram ddr5
intel ax210 for wifi [february 2022]
monitor acer k222hql dvi input
PSU seasonic s12ii 520 bronze

It started like 1-2 weeks After i bought ssd kingston. I tried to remove ssd physically but problem was still there. The problem happened RARELY before too. Year ago, i had similar problem, the monitor went black (not flashing, just turned off like no input). I bought new cable and it solved.
Now i bought new cable too, but the problem still continues.

I tried:
updated everything - windows, board, gpu
physical cleaning
software cleaning of viruses malwares spywares
set my vsync on/off ingame and in nvdia
changed resolutions
recheck monitor and software to same frequency 60hz
tried many combinations of windowed, full screen, vsync, directx, vulkan, resolution, sound, ...

The problem still occurs, so my only bet is now to either buy new GPU or new Monitor.

Any ideas? Thanks

PS: after thorough checking and testing. I used teamviewer to control my PC and see the game itself on mobile. While my Monitor flashes, on my mobile it didnt happen. So i can reduce the problem to:

1) bad output port on GPU (physical)
2) bad cable
3) bad monitor

just tested with different monitor (couldnt with same DVI port). Used HDMI with new monitor and everythings fine.

Will test with new cable HDMI to DVI instead of now DVI to DVI.

24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
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