Bulk Item Exchange not showing up prices...

Bulk item exchange is stuck and not showing my own listings even if I search specifically for my account name.

Checked as follows in parallel:
--> Setting up Live search of my listing + bulk exchange search for the same
--> Placing item into the public tab and setting the price
--> Live search shows the item with huge delay (~10-15 minutes)???!?!!
--> Bulk Exchange Search shows that I am not listing anything...
Last bumped on May 19, 2022, 8:19:07 PM

GGG broke bulk trade with the new exchange engine. Everytime I set currency for sale it takes a few minutes to appear on site and then I'm getting spammed with requests for the next 10min after items are sold...
Is it just me or GGG is not fixing this? I still cannot see my items in Bulk Exchange and I can see them on normal item search.... The item is listed for over 20 hours, still not visible!!!
I replied to you here:
Novynn wrote:
You need to use the ratio format described here.

Decimal listings only work at 1dp for exalts and mirrors.
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